Queens High School for Language Studies (25Q241) is a new school opening this fall with a pioneering class of 9th grade students. Our school will provide a safe, nurturing, and challenging environment that prepares students for success in college: not just in one language but in two. After four years of intensive English and Mandarin study, our students graduate bilingual and ready to take on the world.

申请加入皇后语言研究高中 (25Q241),从这里扬帆起航,成为我们创校首届毕业生。在这四年里,你会为人生的下一阶段打下基础:精通中文和英文,提高学业成绩和学习能力,为在大学里取得成功做好准备。在皇后语言高中,你会从乐于奉献的老师、辅导员及同学那里得到大量的支持和鼓励。

QHSLS will open in the Flushing High School Campus. 
35-01 Union Street, Flushing, NY 11354
7 train to Main Street-Flushing,
Q14, Q16, Q17, Q44 to 35th Avenue
Q25/34, Q65, Q67 to Main Street
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