Recognizing Black lives matter and supporting our students in this difficult time

The events of this past week have been horrifying and tragic. And they have been made even more difficult because we cannot physically be together as a school community. 

Instead, we have had to watch and react to the violent death of George Floyd–yet another black life taken unjustly and unnecessarily–in our own spaces. Then, the subsequent protests that have erupted across our nation and in NYC, against the injustice of George Floyd’s death as well as the many other acts of racism and brutality in recent weeks, are intersecting with the tragedy and stress caused by this pandemic.
It has been hard not being together with you all. I find my own optimism and hope through you, our students and faculty. And I have to remind myself: we are still a school, even if we don’t have a building. 

In the coming days, we will begin hosting various meetings for our entire QHSLS community to gather virtually. I wish we could have these conversations in person. But given what we have, I encourage any member of our community to join in: to share, to listen, or simply to be present together. These meetings are optional. In addition, do not hesitate to contact our faculty if you need other types of support. We recognize how individual our responses to this week’s events may be. In addition, if you would like to offer a suggestion, or perhaps if you would like to lead or contribute in this effort to stay connected, let us know. We welcome and appreciate you.

In unity, Melanie Lee, Principal (May 31, 2020)

Tuesday 6/2, 4PM: #SayTheirNames Remembrance. Watch the ceremony, led by our students, here.

Tuesday, 6/2, 6PM (English) and Wednesday 6/3, 3PM and 6PM (English and Chinese): Open circles. Students are welcome to join: to be together with other students, to share and bear witness to each other’s experiences, to listen.

Students should check their emails for more information.