September 9th Arrival: Welcome!

Welcome to the Queens High School for Language Studies! We are excited to start the year with our future Class of 2017 graduates. On Monday, September 9th, students will begin their high school journey, on your their way to college and beyond.

On September 9, all students should:

  • enter the building through Entrance #17, to the left of the visitor’s entrance off Northern Blvd. 
  • report to their first period class by 8AM in uniform

Students who need a uniform shirt or their program should arrive 7:30-7:50AM and go to the table outside Rm. 112. Only students without a uniform shirt may purchase uniform shirts in the morning. Students can buy additional shirts at the end of the day.

Please note:
– Physical Education (PE) classes will begin on Tuesday, September 17. Our PE teachers will give an orientation for all students 9th period on Friday, September 13. Students will be dismissed from school after 8th period Monday, September 9 through Thursday, September 12.
– Students should plan on dressing for PE starting on Tuesday, September 17.

If you have any questions, please email Ms. Leon Chu at or call (718) 888-7530 during office hours (8:00AM-3:30PM).

We look forward to seeing you!