Join our Parent Teacher Association!
Contact us by email at pta@qhsls.org.
Contribute here, we depend on your support, and the support of our community to make all the events we run possible!

See our PTA Calendar of Events here here2022-2023 PTA meeting calendar
You can view our PTA Bylaws here QHSLS PTA Bylaws Update April Website Version

School-Leadership Team (SLT) Meetings are typically the 3rd Wednesday of the month, from 4:00-5:00PM. 

Xinyuan “Terra” Wang – QHSLS Parent Coordinator; contact her at info@qhsls.org.

PTA Executive Board Officers

  • President: Isaac Chiang
  • Vice Presidents: Norma Sarfati & Peicheng Lin
  • Secretary and Title I Representative: Rosanna Yin Lau
  • Treasurer: Meixue “Michelle” Hu

How can families help their children achieve?

We  encourage parents to talk to their children daily about what they’re learning in school and to make connections with their experiences at home. Excellent guides for parent involvement, developed by the National PTA, can be found here.

How do we communicate with our families?
QHSLS Updates and Newsletters: Via email, please be on the lookout for “QHSLS Updates” that will include the most important information for parents a the moment. In addition, six times throughout the year we send home a mailing, with report cards, that includes a newsletter highlighting student and school achievements, translated into Chinese and Spanish. Also included are PTA news and announcements, updates about our school programming, school lunch calendars, and other items that families request. Please email our parent coordinator Taoching Scholz Tscholz@qhsls.org if you’d like a copy of our most recent mailing.

Phone Calls and Email: Families can expect a phone call if students are absent or repeatedly late.  Additionally, our teachers and guidance counselor communicate with families frequently about our students’ progress and welcome all parents to contact them. Among our staff, we speak Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and Spanish.

How can parents get involved?
PTA and SLT Activities: we encourage parents to join our Parent-Teacher Association and School Leadership Team. Each month, the PTA and SLT meet on a third Wednesday evening. Parents are also invited to our celebrations: for example, our Thanksgiving potluck lunch and a Lunar New Year dinner. We are also asking parents to donate school supplies, lightly used reading and reference books, athletic equipment, and other items useful for our school.

Families are also asked to contribute an optional membership due (suggested $25 but whatever families can donate is so appreciated!) And if families own businesses, we would love to partner with you. Please email our parent coordinator Xinyuan “Terra” Wang at info@qhsls.org if you’d like more information.

Attend Student Parent Teacher Conferences: Instead of traditional parent-teacher conferences, families will meet with a staff member to have an in-depth conversation about their student’s progress. Twice a year, teachers will contact parents to schedule a 20-minute conference. During the conference, students will reflect on their progress and school staff will review students’ academic and attendance data, along with information about progress towards graduation and preparing for post-secondary success.