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Contact us by email at pta@qhsls.org.
Contribute here, we depend on your support, and the support of our community to make all the events we run possible!

See our PTA Calendar of Events here.
You can view our 2020/2021 PTA Bylaw here.

School-Leadership Team (SLT) Meetings are typically the 3rd Wednesday of the month, from 4:30-5:30PM. 2020-21 dates include: November 18, December 16, January 20, February 10, March 17, April 27, May 19, and June 16

Stephanie Huang – QHSLS Parent Coordinator; contact her at tscholz@qhsls.org.

PTA Executive Board Officers
President: Omar Di Nicola
Vice President: Norma Sarfati
Secretary: Tienna Francisco
Treasurer: Judy Luong

SLT Parent Representatives:
Omar Di Nicola
Norma Sarfati
Tienna Francisco
Judy Luong
Maria Chavez
Parent Alternates: Evelyn Hogu

Title I Parent Representatives:
Chair: Judy Luong
Parent Alternate: John Chen

At QHSLS, we believe families are essential to our students’ success. We hope to build a warm, thriving community through collaboration, clear communication, and shared celebration.

How can families help their children achieve?
Help us monitor your child’s progress. We use PupilPath, an online grading software to track our students’ progress. We encourage parents to monitor their child’s work with this program. Please contact our parent coordinator Stephanie Huang for help registering and logging on.

We also encourage parents to talk to their children daily about what they’re learning in school and to make connections with their experiences at home. Excellent guides for parent involvement, developed by the National PTA, can be found here.

How do we communicate with our families?
Newsletters: Bi-monthly, we send home a mailing that includes a newsletter highlighting student and school achievements, translated into Chinese and Spanish. Also included are PTA news and announcements, updates about our school programming, school lunch calendars, and other items that families request. Please email our parent coordinator Stephanie Huang if you’d like a copy of our most recent mailing.

Phone Calls and Email: Families can expect a phone call if students are absent or repeatedly late.  Additionally, our teachers and guidance counselor communicate with families frequently about our students’ progress and welcome all parents to contact them. Among our staff, we speak Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and Spanish.

How can parents get involved?
PTA and SLT Activities: we encourage parents to join our Parent-Teacher Association and School Leadership Team. Each month, the PTA and SLT meet on a third Wednesday evening. Parents are also invited to our celebrations: for example, our Thanksgiving potluck lunch and a Lunar New Year dinner. We are also asking parents to donate school supplies, lightly used reading and reference books, athletic equipment, and other items useful for our school.

Families are also asked to contribute a $5 or more membership due. And if families own businesses, we would love to advertise your business in our monthly newsletter with a voluntary contribution. Please email our parent coordinator Stephanie Huang at shuang@qhsls.org if you’d like more information.

Attend Student Led Conferences: Instead of traditional parent-teacher conferences, we ask our students to lead conversations around their own work. Twice a year, teachers will contact parents to schedule a 20-minute conference. Students are then expected to reflect on their learning, explaining their progress in their home language, showing examples of their work. Students receive help from teachers to prepare for these conferences.