Fall Updates: Zoom Meetings, Locker Access, Textbook Return, and Equipment/Supplies Requests

Locker access at the moment is no longer available.

Please note if you would like to request to keep your QHSLS or DOE-issued computer/internet equipment, complete this Google Form. Note that you will need to sign a new contract for this school year. Students must use their @qhsls.org emails for this form.

Students should plan on having a computer with a keyboard for this school year. If you would like to request computer equipment and school supplies, complete this Google Form. Students must use their @qhsls.org emails for this form.

Additional notes:

  • Rising 10th graders: *Keep your Global History textbooks.* Return any other borrowed books or equipment from the school or the DOE.
  • Rising 11th graders: Return your textbooks, any other borrowed books or equipment from the school or the DOE.
  • Rising 12th graders: Return your textbooks, any other borrowed books or equipment.

We will have a Zoom meeting at the following times with updates for the fall. Please make every effort to attend!

  • Tuesday, 9/1 @3PM (student-focused meeting, parents also welcome); an email will be sent to student emails 10 minutes before.
  • Tuesday, 9/1 @6:30PM (parent-focused meeting, students also welcome); please sign-up here for this meeting. Chinese and Spanish translation available.

These meetings will include information about the first day of school, class schedules, access to lockers from last school year, supplies for classes, textbook/equipment return and pick-up.

Choosing Blended or 100% Remote Learning

Please see our drafted plan for Blended and 100% Remote Learning. This proposed plan is subject to change and approval from the DOE. (Updated 8/3/2020, Chinese and Spanish translation will be posted soon)

Families can indicate whether they want their child to be 100% in Remote Learning OR in Blended Learning using this DOE survey by August 7, 2020.

  • 100% Remote: Students are learning entirely from home.
  • Blended Learning: Students are learning both in-person at school and remotely at home. See the drafted plan for more information.

We are also asking our families to complete this short QHSLS-survey. We will be sure to answer your questions here.

A recording of the Student Informational Meeting on August 5th is here.

The DOE Return to School site is here.

Summer Resources

All websites have translation–language options are located at the top of the page.

COVID-19 testing is free throughout NYC. See the list of free locations here.

Free meals are still available throughout the summer. Find out more here.

Cash and Rent Assistance information via NYC’s HR. Find out more here.

Mental Health Support through ThriveNYC. Find out more here.

Looking for summer activities, challenges, and competitions? You can find ideas for theater, visual arts, birdwatching, Minecraft, and more through the DOE’s site here.