Test Kit Distribution Letter

Dear QHSLS Community,

Each month, students will receive 4 at-home test kits. Usually, these will be distributed on the first Monday of each month. These tests are for students and families to use if they feel sick or are exposed to COVID-19. Students are able to request additional test kits if they run out and begin to feel sick or have COVID-19 exposure in school. Students should see Mr. Wuthenow in room 220A to request additional tests.

If students feel sick, they should stay home and take a test immediately. Students should then email info@qhsls.org to inform us of their absence and the results of their test. If students test positive, they should include a picture of their positive tests in their email to info@qhsls.org

Students testing positive will then need to isolate for five days. If the student is fever-free without the assistance of medication and their symptoms are overall improving, the student may return on day 6. Students returning from isolation on day 6 are required to wear a mask through day 10. 

Please note, that you may receive test kits that are past their expiration date. The FDA has approved use of at-home test kits beyond their printed expiration dates. The tests distributed are still effective at detecting the COVID-19 virus. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@qhsls.org with any questions or concerns. Thank you!


Brian Bligh

Principal IA