Updated Schedule for Remote Learning (11/30)

Following our fall parent-teacher conferences and all NYC schools going 100% remote, we have been examining our current learning plan looking for opportunities to increase support and connections with our students. As a result, we will be making two changes to our learning plan starting Monday, November 30th:

  1. Mondays will no longer be 100% asynchronous. Instead, Mondays will alternate synchronous and asynchronous learning each week depending on your grade (see this calendar). On synchronous Mondays, students will have 30-minute synchronous sessions for each of their classes.
  2. Office hours will be offered every asynchronous day on a clear schedule. Office hours will follow the same Monday 30-minute synchronous schedule (see the schedule here). Parents will be able to monitor if their student is attending office hours by checking student attendance in Pupilpath on asynchronous days (students will be marked P for any office hours they attend).

There are several key benefits that result from these changes:

  • Students will receive more synchronous instruction in each of their classes every other week
  • More regular office hours will give students increased support and allow teachers to better monitor and follow-up with students in need
  • Tuesday-Friday class schedules remain unchanged. The only change is the new office hours schedule on asynchronous days.

Important Note: We still do not have any word from the Department of Education on when in-person instruction for Blended Learning/SCO. Once we know when that will happen, we will adjust our plan to address the needs of our in-person students. 

  • If we return to in-person learning on Monday, 11/30, 12th grade students will report in-person. Then, the rotation of grades Tuesday-Friday will resume.

As infection rates rise across the city, please remember to keep you and your families safe by maintaining precautionary measures: wear a mask, socially distance, and wash your hands frequently.

Communication continues to be key as we get through this difficult time as a school community. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions. We are in this together, always.

Sincerely, Principal Melanie Lee